• We have come a long way in technology. Right from the cradle of innovation to the current world, we have indeed seen change at a rapid pace in the technological arena. We now have to only click at a button to get what we need. Our gadgets have even moved from physical equipment that we can handle to virtual assistants that get all our work done.

    The SoundCloud comes close to fit this description. It is a distribution online audio platform which allows the users to record, share, upload and promote their sounds that are originally-created. As a result, musicians for example, can upload music using a distinctive URL and let their fans enjoy their favorite music. Some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when using sound cloud services include:-

    SoundCloud allows the user to embed sound files anywhere, thus these files can be combined with Facebook and Twitter to give the audience a wider arena of hearing the content. This aspect is absent from MySpace where music can only be hosted within and not outside the site. Sound cloud has a user friendly site whose applications are easy to use.

    SoundCloud comes with an API which allows a variety of applications such as the smart phones to download or upload sound files. The audience can thus enjoy their favorite music from the comfort of their own mobile phones wherever they are. Users can also place widgets (which are used to distribute music on sound cloud) on their personal websites and blogs. Sound cloud will then automatically tweet each track that has been uploaded.

    SoundCloud allows the users to create and also join any group which provides a common place where content can be collected then shared. Sound cloud does not have a limit to the size of the file that can be uploaded thus users are free to get to any limit with their content.

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