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BUYSOUNDCLOUDLIKES we commit to a privacy policy for the safety of our company and for our clients.

In this case, this policy will outline and assure the use, communication and disclosure of personal information. BUYSOUNDCLOUDLIKES do not store any of your client’s information.

We will strictly use and collect personal information solely with the mean to complete your service or request not to contact them or pass information on unless we are required by law or we have the consent of the individual, at no time will we retain any personal information. BUYSOUNDCLOUDLIKES promises to stand and protect any personal information collected and used by security safeguards. We will never contact any of your clients. Be aware that the confidentiality of personal details of either yourself or your clients is well protected and maintained.

We promise to give you up to date information regarding any social media services we provide and guide and advise you to the best of our ability. BUYSOUNDCLOUDLIKES offers 24/7 customer support to ensure everyone of our clients is satisfied with what you have bought from us, we will also share information with you opposed to you getting the best out of social media marketing.

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